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Five Tips To Stop Puppy Biting

A new puppy is not always at peace because it sees people that it is not used to during other days and the only thing it can do is biting people around and items. It can be dangerous as it can bite too severely and become harmful. Make sure that children do not stay near the puppy the best thing is to keep it in its cage. Below are important things that will help you be able to stop puppy biting.

Do not harm the puppy when you see it biting someone. When you hit it the puppy can end up been afraid of you. You should communicate with it by saying it to stop and showing it that you are sad and leave it alone. Don’t just stay there and let it bit you painful as it won’t know whether it is doing a bad thing. The puppy will be able to see that it has messed up and that you are annoyed with it.

Avoid playing with the puppy for too long as that motivates it to continue biting. When you reduce the play, then it will reduce how much it is biting.

Take the puppy to be taught how to behave itself. The puppy trainer will know how to control the puppy as required. The new puppy will imitate what other puppies are doing, and it will do the same. The puppy will be informed of what is accepted and what is not. Finally the puppy will know to be friendly when with other puppies.

When you see the puppy wanting to bite someone or the furniture the best thing to do is to give it a toy that it can bite instead. They are always very playful, and that prepares them for the future. When it starts biting the furniture show it that you are not happy with what it is doing and give it its toy to bite. The puppy will realize that it is doing a bad thing and that is why it has been given its toy instead.

In case the puppy bites you make it realize that you have felt pain and don’t hang out with it . It will know that it is terrible to bite. The puppy will see that you are sad, and you don’t want to stay with it. But do not restrict all the time from biting, this is because that is the only way you can form the bond between you and the puppy. It is accepted to bite when playing but not to the extent of feeling pain. That will make the puppy know how to play nicely without biting too much. When it bites as it is playing it is a good thing as it can also get to bite an intruder sneaking into the home compound and that will be helpful.

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