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A blog is an informational website or an online journal that displays information in the reverse chronological order that is the last post appears first. Creativity involves creation of new content day in, day out and followed with consistency, not taking forever to post something. Previously blogs were usually single handled but nowadays there are multi-author blogs. The many skills that is required to efficiently run and control the blog is what is referred to as blogging an the blogger should be equipped with the skills. The reason why blogs are created is because it captures every target market from the various genres.

As for blogs the content needs to be refreshed to the audience at per. The other difference is that it promotes reader engagement. Customers order their product of choice and they are delivered at their places of residence at the shortest time possible. The websites also contain information about how to handle and check for a problem if it arises including other important pieces of information. Thus merging luxury and comfort has really taken over in our society. There are companies that deal with a wide variety of services, on the other hand . However blogs are more interactive than websites with the key elements being publishing date, reference, author and tags within a by-line.

Content is correlated to the genre like is it a food blog or a fashion blog or any other type. All of these hold a different story in their creation, formulation and end product. Collaborative blogs are posts written and published by more than one author.

Meaning it uses the efforts of others with the users as the trademark. There are others that are written with typewriters and scanned which are known as typecast, while those that are short with mixed media type are tumble-logs. Music, health, art, politics, food, tutorials, dream-logs, education, niche blogs, classical, sociology, party, legal, gardening blogs, quizzing, project blogs are just some of the types that represent the type of blogging by genre.

There are several steps in starting a blog like the decision of what to blog, choosing a blogging platform, finding a host, domain name picking, word press starting and getting to design and use your blog. The first step being the decision on what to blog about is the most critical. Research is indeed very important to ensure for informed decision when wanting to blog. The next step is the choice of a blogging platform like word press, Wix and Weebly, blogger and Square space. The next is finding a host in that a server space is required especially you are blogging online. This means you need to get creative on the name you set as it should be simple and very catchy for the audience to grasp.

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